What People Are Saying About Pam’s Online Classes…


What people are saying about Pam’s Dog Academy Online Classes…

  • I am so happy for learning about all the positive ways of dog training and I am also very happy for your course which is a lot of fun! You are a great dog and human trainer!
  • For $40 there is a lot of information and a lot of bang for your buck.
  • I found the course to be comprehensive and educational and covers a lot of great foundation material.
  • The concepts are solid and easy to understand.
  • Pam found ways to give positive informative feedback which made me want to go back and read for more comments. She engaged me in conversation and I felt like she wanted to get to know me and my dog better but more than that … I felt she genuinely enjoyed watching us work. I felt connected to her and to her course.
  • It was informative watching other class mates videos and helpful to read Pamela’s positive feedback and helpful suggestions.
  • The video element makes the class enjoyable…
  • I liked being able to go back to the first exercise and reread comments and look back at concepts.
  • Clicker Basics is a really great course!