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Agility titles coming soon!

What: This is an extraordinary dog sport video titling program designed to demonstrate the amazing bond that you have with your dog.  It is people coming together and showing how dogs can be trained using “Force Free” methods and earning titles in the process.  It is a program that allows for all dogs and their humans to compete in dog sports no matter where you live.

Why: You are able to earn titles in a STRESS FREE environment of your choice, at your own leisure, and without spending an entire weekend at a trial.  Maybe you live too far away from live competitions or they are just not offered in your area.  Video competitions are great for those with shy or reactive dogs.

When: You can submit your video at anytime you would like.

Who: Every person and Every dog from ANYWHERE around the World can participate.

How: Film, upload your footage to YouTube, and submit video’s in Canine Freestyle Tricks, Canine Freestyle Routines, Disc Dogging and Agility (coming soon) to earn titles with your dog.

Where: All videos will be submitted to Pam’s Dog Academy via email or mail.

Follow all the directions in the rules and procedures…