Treat Toss Game – Accuracy


Treat Toss Game:

A lot of times when working with dogs we need to toss treats. In this game you will learn to toss treats to the dog. You will need a clicker and a bowl. If you use a treat pouch for training you can also have that on. If you keep treats or rewards in you pocket, then you can do that also. Either way is fine, but it would be a good idea to practice with both a treat pouch and treats in your pocket.

Place the bowl on the ground and pretend that is your dog and you want to get the treat directly to the dog. Now, click, get the treat, and toss it to the bowl. Repeat again really quickly as if you are working on delivering a high rate of reinforcement. You could see how many treats you can get to the bowl in a minute or you can just see how accurate you are by taking 10 treats and when you are finished count how many treats went into the bowl. If you got all 10 treats in the bowl, you are at 100% accuracy.

9 = 90%, 8 = 80%, 7 = 70% and anything less than that you should practice more! 🙂