There is always a reason dogs do what they do…(zurison Channel on YouTube)


A few examples of when I have experienced this with my dogs…
I was on a walk with my dogs and I would have them sit and wait at a curb if there were cars coming. Well this one time, Isabelle did not sit when I asked. I thought maybe she was just not paying attention and I asked her a second time. She still did not sit. So, I blew it off and just found it odd that she did not sit. She always sits… So, when I got home I noticed that she was licking at her hair on the back of her hind legs. I looked to see what was bothering her and she had a wad of gum stuck to her fur. Poor thing, this gum probably pulled her fur and it hurt to sit, so she was just not going to sit. 🙁

Another time I was out practicing agility and instead of jumping the jump, Bandit went under the jump. I thought “hmmmm that is strange”… He loves to jump. So, I set him up at the start line again and released him to go over the jump. He ran under it again… So, I placed my hand on his back and he did not want me touching his back. So, I thought that maybe his back was hurting him. I took him to the chiropractor and sure enough his back was out of alignment and he was in pain. Pain is one think that my Border Collies hardly ever show, so when he would not jump, I knew something was wrong.

It really helps to take a step back and look at the situation and the dog to figure out why the dog is not doing what you are asking or why the dog is doing what he is doing…

Thank you “zurison” for this awesome video!