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100 Behaviors & Ideas for Dogs on Crate Rest!


This video is just to give you ideas of things to do with or for your dog that is on crate rest.  All these behaviors can also be used for any time you are not able to go outside and want to give your dog some mental stimulation and have fun.

Pick behaviors that your dog is able to do or train the behaviors your dog does not already know how to do.

If your dog is injured work on behaviors that are best for the type of injury your dog has.

Working with your dog while on crate rest will help prevent boredom and give your dog mental stimulation. If you have a dog like mine that is used to a lot of physical exercise, doing games and tricks in the crate help engage the dogs mind. This will help them be calmer in the crate and will help with the healing process.

These behaviors will help alleviate stress, boredom and frustration.

When Twix had his first and now his second herniated disc surgery, he was not able to walk and needed to be in his crate for most of the day, especially when I was not able to watch him. As he improved, he still needed to be in his crate because he is a very energetic dog and could possible injure himself again. So, I continued to have him in the crate when he was not being supervised. Doing tricks and behaviors with him have helped him be calm when I am not able to be with him or when he is on his own and sleeping in the crate. I feel that doing fun things with him makes his time in the crate more enjoyable.

I did not create these behaviors, they are all pretty common and have been used by many dog trainers. I hope that you will spend time working with and teaching your dog to do many of the behaviors in this video.

Alpha Stimulation: This is a machine that helps to stimulate the nerves. It is also can have a calming effect on some dogs. It puts Twix to sleep, because he is so relaxed.

Playology Toys: https://www.playologypets.com

Food I am using: Ziwi Peak

Snuffle Matz: https://www.pamsdogtraining.com These are good for mental stimulation and to prevent boredom.

Treat dispensing toys: Kong Wobbler and there are many different types on the market.



Put away toys:

Bucket Games:

Pam’s Dog Academy Website: http://www.pamsdogtraining.com

What you will find on this channel… Dog training tips, clicker training, “How To” train dog trick tutorials as well as “How To” videos on helping dogs with behavior problems.

I am very good at responding to questions and would love to help you train your dog in any way that I can.

Visit my website for a FREE organized video list, articles, online classes, and dog sport video titling opportunities.

Have a great day with your dog, today and everyday!
Pam, Isabelle, Bandit, Twix and Wynnie

Agility Foundations 1: Sunday’s Starting July 9th


Where: Pam’s Dog Academy (Pamela Johnson)
3610 Wisecarver Lane
Jamul, CA 91935
(619) 888-3139

When: Sunday’s – Starting July 9th
Time: 5:15pm – 6:15pm

This class is for anyone that would like to get started in Agility with their dog.  Agility is a fun dog sport that helps you develop a close bond with your dog.

In this class you will get started with:
Foundation behaviors
– Hand Targeting
– Release Cues
– Agility flatwork
– Sit/Wait
– Drive forward
Agility Obstacles (A-Frame, Dog Walk, Teeter, Weave Poles, Table, Hoop, Jumps)
Proper Jumping Mechanics & Jump Patterns
Start line Stay
Back Chaining

Each week you will receive a written lesson with video links.

Expect to get to class at least 15 minutes early to help set up.

On the first class, I will have a waiver for you to fill out.  Once you sign up, I will email the waiver to you.  If you forget to bring yours, I will have extra copies on the first class.

1. You will need to bring a dog crate if your dog is used being in a crate.  We will have straw bails to sit on but you are welcome to bring your own chair if you prefer.
2. Your dog should be on a harness and be leashed when on our property and not in the agility field.
3. Do not let your dog interact with the other dogs as not all dogs want to interact.  It is also a place for training and not a time for socializing with other dogs.
4. Bring high value treats (cheese, meat, or something that is easy for your dog to consume that he loves)
5. Bring a tug toy or a floppy frisbee. (A ball or something that can’t be tugged on is more of a challenge when teaching agility, but if that is the only toy your dog loves, bring it.)

I look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Pamela Johnson, M.A., CPDT-KA

Snuffle Mat Training: Reactive Dogs (Part 1)


Snuffle Mat Training: Reactive Dogs (Part 1)

Snuffle Mat Training Made Easy!

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Machine washable and dryer safe.

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