Solving Counter Surfing – Clicker Dog Training by Emily Larlham


Solving Counter Surfing – Clicker Dog Training by Emily Larlham

This is a video on how to train your dog not to surf the counters or in other words put their paws up and eat food and items that are on your counters. 
Remember to keep in mind that during training, items that your dog likes should NOT be left in reach on counters so that you don’t UNDO all the training you have just been doing. As nagging a turkey off the counter WILL train your dog to do it again! 

At the beginning of the video you will see Tug my new puppy BEFORE I trained him, he would jump up and onto tables to lick them clean. At the end of the video you can see the results of one session that was a couple minutes long.


1- Make sure the dog NEVER gets the food- it sounds obvious but some dogs are very FAST!

2- If he is struggling to look away from the food, either give him a hint by making an attention noise or take some steps away so he is not as close to the food

3- As cialis online price he succeeds raise criteria

4- You can start off first with a carrot on the table but the reinforcement is something even better like Chicken

5- Watch my ‘leave it’ video.