Quick Fix or Lasting Results? The Choice is Yours!


Quick Fix or Lasting Results? The choice is yours!

Everyone wants a quick fix in life!

Loose weight fast…

Train a dog quickly…

Become a millionaire over night…

If we want something to really work, it takes time to achieve it and you will have lasting results.

I would rather something take longer to fix (say a dog that is reactive to other dogs) and really teach the dog that other dogs are predictors of amazing things; instead of using the traditional correction approach.  Counter conditioning might take longer, but it will be more reliable and it will change the dogs emotional response (happy, wanting other dogs around).  A punished dog might stop reacting quickly but it will only be to avoid the correction and has not learned to like the other dog.

I would feel much safer around a dog that learned to like other dogs than a dog that has learned that other dogs cause him pain and he should really avoid other dogs.

The same goes for weight loss…

It is proven that if one takes weight off slowly, they are more likely to keep it off.  Mainly because they   learn to eat healthy, acquire lifestyle changes and make exercise part of their daily routine.  They are changing their emotional response to food and exercise.  Making small changes at a time…  Switching from eating ice cream to eating frozen yogurt.  Eating more protein, more vegetables and decreasing the amount of carbohydrates and sugar are much better choices than telling oneself that they are never allowed to have sugar or certain foods again. If one takes weight off fast by giving up things they enjoy or working out so much that they end up hating to work out, they will not be able to maintain that for a lifetime.  When they get burned out they will go right back to old habits and the weight will come right back.

Don’t be in a rush to accomplish whatever it is that you want to achieve.  Take your time, learn along the way, have fun and enjoy the process.  If you feel you have already rushed, it is never too late to go back to foundation work.  You will reach your goals!  You will be stronger, more confident, and proud of your success and hard work.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to reach your goals! Don’t listen to others that try to give you advice on those quick fix, get rich fast schemes.  Stick to your plan!  Do not give up, you can achieve greatness in all you do!

Pamela Johnson, B.S, M.A. and CPDT-KA