Pet Peeve!


As many of you know, I am a full time PE teacher and I am out for summer vacation. So, everyday I take my dogs on a walk at a different location. Today, we went to Sea Port Village and walked for over an hour doing the stairs and of course doing some tricks in the grass.

I have one dog that can be reactive toward other dogs if they get in his face or if they run up to him off leash. So, I tend to go places that have leash laws and where we will only cross paths with a few dogs. Well, it never fails that where ever we are, there is someone that thinks it is okay to just let their dog run around off leash. Sometime they have those flexi-leashes and it looks like they are off leash because the dog can run a mile away from the owner. My dog thinks they are off leash. These dog owners do not seem to realize that other dogs might not be friendly. Anyway, this is a huge pet peeve of mine.

This morning we encountered a woman that was just letting her dog run off leash and it was headed in my direction. So, I just yelled, “MY DOGS ARE NOT FRIENDLY” and I think the woman almost had a heart attack. She was frantically trying to get her little dog back and it was not responding. Oh wonderful, I thought! I just stayed where I was so that I could make sure my dog was fine and if I needed to I would have just picked him up (All 42 pounds of him) as he actually likes it when I do this when other dogs approach. I think he feels safe and protected. Finally, the dog went to its owner and she put him on his leash. WHEW, yet another close call. Bandit could have eaten that dog for breakfast. 🙂

So, my personal solution to this problem is that no matter what I am going to yell my dogs are not friendly. Just because their dog might be friendly, Bandit is not and it would be an issue. Also, my other dog (Isabelle) is friendly, but I still tell owners she is not so that they will keep their dogs away! I pick who my dogs play with and make sure that those dogs are friendly. I do not know these people that are walking down the street and I need to protect my dogs.

Okay, so that is my pet peeve and had to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening!

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