Pam’s Dog Academy Offers Video Titling Opportunities


Disc Flare is just one of the many different types of video titles you can earn with your dog through Pam’s Dog Academy.

The rules:
Disc Flare Division
A handler can use up to 10 discs

All levels will have up to 5 minutes to throw as many different disc throws according to the level at which the team is entered. The handler can use any type of disc flare he/she would want to use.

Positive Bond between Human and Dog – It is obvious to the viewer that both dog and human are joyfully participating of their own free will. At NO time during the the minute does the human team member look confrontational, annoyed or demanding towards their team member. Any punishment, force or intimidation will result in a NQ.

Accuracy – Dogs must catch a majority of the throws.

Overall Performance – Disc creativity, variety of throws, the use of innovative throws and wow factor will be taken into account.

* Any throw done with the right hand can also be done with the left hand and will count as a different throw.

* Example: Behind the back throw right, then behind the back throw left will count as two throws. Backhand throw with the right, then backhand throw with the left will count as two throws. That is already four throws…

Beginner: 4 different throws
Novice: 8 different throws
Intermediate: 16 different throws
Excellent: 20 different throws
Champion: 30 different throws

Each dog/handler team must complete each level before moving onto the next level. If you and your dog are able to compete at the Champion level, then you can simply pay for Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Excellent and Champion at one time and submit one video for all levels.

Title Holders:

Heather & Emma – Disc Flare Champion