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My videos are loaded with fun exercises to help with focus, attention, proofing behaviors, valuable training information, training tips, and fun challenges to test your dogs knowledge.

Loose Leash Walking Made Easy, 2 Disc DVD, is 27 episodes of exercises to help your train your dog to walk with you & at the same time improve the human/canine bond. If you Loved my Play-n-Train Recalls; you will LOVE this DVD .

I have finished my Teaching Group Clicker Classes DVD! Loaded with exercises, proofing, challenges, walking in crowds, meet & greet, 6 weeks of lessons and how to progress each behavior to ensure success and MUCH MORE! Teaching Group Clicker Classes, comes with a FREE ebook with discussion ideas, 6 weeks of lessons, and the DVD is loaded with information on what to teach in a group class in addition to instructions on how to teach the exercises.

Play -N-Train Recalls is loaded with 21 episodes of fun games, exercises, and challenges to help train your dog to come when called.

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