Loose Leash Walking with Eye Contact & Focus!


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Before starting this exercise make sure you work on the “watch me” game a lot, so that your dog has a clear understanding that eye contact is rewarded and what you want him to do. Then start this loose leash walking with eye contact. It is loose leash, but with more of a focus from your dog and you could call it a heel if you wanted. I call it “close”, but whatever you call it, keep it consistent and wait to put it on cue after the dog is reliably doing the behavior that you want. Lastly, this is an exercise to help you get that focus and attention you want from your dog, but you are waiting for them to decide to look at you. Do NOT to ask for the attention, yell at your dog, or pull on the leash. The beauty of this exercise is to let the dog have his “light bulb moment” and figure it out all by himself. Hope you all like this video! Remember that the most important part of any training exercise is to build a positive bond/relationship with your dog and training will be more like play time. This can also be used to teach competition obedience heeling, heel work to music or canine freestyle.

Have a great day!