Leave it: Impulse Control Game


This is just a fun leave it type game. If the dog goes for the food, then the food is removed. If the dog leaves it alone, then the dog gets to have it. I started this with Twix in a down, but once he got it, started playing the same game with him sitting, standing, and downing. I also play this game with toys, whole hot dogs, flying frisbees and with dogs. I have progressed the game as more of a proofing a stay around distractions and no matter what is out there if he stays he gets something good! Sometimes he gets released to get the frisbee or ball and sometimes I give him food or play tug with him. I vary the reinforcer so that he is never bored and is always wondering what he might get.

I hope you enjoy this. It was a video clip that I had taken when he was 12 weeks old and just found it. So, I thought that I would turn it into a little video. He was such a sweet puppy and has grown up to be an amazing dog!

He has his first live canine freestyle competition this weekend, so wish us luck! 🙂 I know he is going to ROCK!

Have a great week!

Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Twix