It is “OK” if my dog…


These are things that I always tell clients and sometimes have to remind myself of…

It is “OK” if my dog barks, it is his voice!  However, it is important to listen and observe what he is barking at as that can help you figure out why he is barking and train him not to bark if that is something you choose.

It is “OK” if my dog is afraid, but it is my responsibility to do everything I can to help him overcome his fear.

It is “OK” if my dog growls, it is a warning and is better than learning to bite without giving warnings.  I choose to teach my dog a new response to things that make him growl and build a positive association to things that might cause this reaction.

It is “OK” if my dog does not want to play with another dog, he should have a choice and does not have to meet other dogs if he does not want to.  It is my responsibility to look out for and protect my dog.  It is “OK” to tell other people to keep their dog away from your dog and you do not owe them an explanation.  I personally would not let my dog meet any dog that is pulling towards us or barking at us and to avoid having to say anything, I just go a different direction.

It is “OK” if my dog pulls on leash every once in awhile, I don’t expect him to be perfect but it is my responsibility to work on training him to walk on a loose leash.

It is “OK” if my dog is not perfect!  No body is perfect, so how could I expect my dogs to be perfect, they are dogs and they love to do dog things!

It is “OK” if my dog does not respond to every cue I give because I know if he is not responding there is a reason why.  Maybe he does not know the behavior all that well and I need to practice it more with him.  Maybe he is injured and it hurts him to do that behavior.  Maybe he just did not hear me ask.  Maybe he is worried about something in the environment.

It is “OK” if my dog digs a big hole in the backyard as it was my fault for not giving him a place to dig or for not teaching him where to dig.  After all, dogs like to dig!

It is “OK” if my dog gets on my furniture.  My home is there home and I want them to be comfortable.  If my couch is more comfortable than their dog bed, then so be it.  Plus, I love to snuggle next to my dogs.

It is “OK” if my dog… 

Can you think of anything else?  Please feel free to leave a comment if you can think of anything to add.

Have a great day!

Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Twix