Holiday Hazards for your dog!



* Holiday plants – Christmas rose, Holly, Lilies, Mistletoe, and Poinsettias are all toxic to dogs and cats.
* Ribbons – It may look adorable, but placing a ribbon around your pet’s neck may cause them to choke.
* Bubbling lights – Older forms of this attractive decoration may contain methylene chloride, which is a highly toxic chemical.
* Fire salts – Contain chemical that could be harmful to pets.
* Angel hair (spun glass) – Can be irritating to eyes and skin, and could cause intestinal obstruction if eaten in large amounts.
* Christmas tree water – Stagnant tree water or water containing preservatives could result in stomach upset if ingested.
* Decoration hooks – Can cause blockage and/or trauma to gastrointestinal tract if swallowed.
* Styrofoam – Can cause your pets to choke if swallowed.
* Ornaments – These can look like toys to cats and dogs, but they can cause serious injury, especially if your pets break or swallow them.
* Tinsel – Can cause choking or internal trauma if swallowed.


* Balloons and Confetti – These fun New Year’s party decorations can cause your pets to choke or obstruct their intestines if ingested. Keep an eye on your pets when they’re around these items or move them to an area that is not decorated where they will be safe.
* Loud Noises – New Year’s is typically a noisy holiday. Unfortunately, loud noises frighten pets and can cause them to run off. Keep your pets in a separate room away from noisemakers, music, and other loud sounds that may startle them.

Keep your pet safe this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Sabrina