Heel Work Foundations



This is just one episode of the few episodes that are on my Loose Leash Walking DVD that I sell on my website. On the DVD I also go over how to get eye contact as you heel as well as heeling around distractions.  I have more exercises on heel work on my Loose Leash Walking DVD, but most of the DVD is geared toward Loose Leash Walking.

I go into depth with this video and remember there are 25 more episodes with just as much information on them on this LOOSE LEASH WALKING DVD.

Pamela Johnson spends a lot of her time making free how-to youtube videos on a variety of topics. Some of these include agility, canine freestyle, tricks, behavior modification, puppy training, and cat tricks.

“It is my dream to have my own facility. A place to provide large group seminars or host a dog camp. With several dog sports fields, a doggie swimming center, herding rings, and a frestyle arena I envision a place where people bring their dogs to learn and have fun! ”


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