Getting attention: Coming when Called using the Positive Interrupter

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Play-N-Train Recalls DVD
Train your dog to come when called and have fun in the process!


Having a dog that will come when called is one of the most important things that you can teach your dog! Think about your recall right now. If your dog was about to get hit by a car and all you had to do to save his life is call him to you, would he come? I cringe to think that he might not have and hope that you will practice this very important trick. The trick of coming when called!

One of the key’s to training your dog to enjoy coming when called, is to be a fun, enjoyable person to be around! Who would want to come if playtime was over, to get medicine or for anything that was not that desirable? I sure wouldn’t! Make coming when called a POSITIVE experience, a conditioned response, and something that your dog will ENJOY doing. Coming when called does not mean playtime is over it means that playtime has just begun!

There are times when you need to bring your dog in, give meds, or do something that your dog will not like, so why not just go and get him. This way you will not poison your recall!

Even if you are reading this and your dog does know how to come when called, it NEVER hurts to practice! You know what they say, “Practice makes Permanent”! I know you thought I was going to say, “Practice makes perfect”, but if you practice something wrong, then you will get what you practiced… Food for thought!

Have a great day!