Get to Know The Trainer: Pamela Johnson


Pamela Johnson is a clicker dog trainer and educator in San Diego, California. Pam began her training career when growing up on a small farm where she trained the family dogs, cats, and horses.

Pamela opened Pam’s Dog Academy ‘Force Free Dog Training’ in 2007.

She learned about clicker training, force free dog training methods and behavior modification through reading books, attending Clicker Expos/APDT conferences, watching dog training videos and taking numerous classes with her own dogs.


Pam has a background in teaching children as a full time middle school PE teacher and many of these skills transfer nicely to dog training.  She loves dogs and thrives on the challenge to come up with creative new ways to train dogs. Her passion is using “force free” training to solve behavior problems in dogs as well as teach highly complex behaviors and tricks.

Pam believes the more time you spend with your dog and the more tricks you teach your dog the better your relationship will be.  This will cause the dog to excel in other dog sports and most importantly succeed in life. Pam has a beautiful husky mix “Isabelle” that is a certified therapy dog.  Isabelle’s main joy in life is doing tricks for treats and chasing squirrels.  Pam also has two amazing border collies “Bandit & Twix” that compete in canine freestyle, but mostly love to play frisbee, agility, tricks and work with their human mommy.

Pam traveled to Vancouver Canada to do a canine freestyle seminar with Emily Larlham, has done multiple seminars in the US, New Brunswick Canada over spring break 2013 and to France and Belgium in June of 2013.  All seminars were on progressive reinforcement training, tricks and canine freestyle.  In July of 2013, Pam will be filming 5 DVDs for Tawzer Dog.

Pam posts free dog training videos on YouTube under the channel “pamelamarxsen“, in the hopes that more people will find the magic behind positive reinforcement training!  She was the winner of the 2010 APDT New Trix Video Award.  Lastly, Pam believes that every dog she works with teaches her to be a better trainer, to have patience and most importantly to be a better person.

Pamela Johnson is a certified professional dog trainer through the CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, is a professional member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and PPG (The Pet Professional Guild).