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Snuffle Matz: Training Tool and Dog/Cat Enrichment Toy

Snuffle Matz: Dog & Cat Enrichment Toy’s for Sale

Snuffle Matz: How to Use a Snuffle Mat

Dog Sports

Snuffle Matz: Teeter Training For Dog Agility

Snuffle Matz: Channel Weave Training for Dog Agility

Snuffle Matz: A-Frame Agility Training

Snuffle Matz: A-Frame Agility Training

Snuffle Matz: Build Value for the Dog Crate

Snuffle Matz: Obedience – Down on the Go

Snuffle Matz: Dog Agility (2X2 Weave Poles)

Snuffle Matz: Dog Agility (Jump Basics)

Snuffle Matz: Proofing (Heeling)

Snuffle Matz: Send Outs for Dog Sports


Snuffle Matz: Coming when called (Proofing) with Kikopup

Snuffle Matz: Proofing (Recalls)

Trick Training

Snuffle Matz: Crawling Leg Weave

Snuffle Matz: Crawling Forward

Snuffle Matz: Walk Ahead Trick (Canine Freestyle)


Snuffle Matz: Go to your Mat

Snuffle Matz: Settle on a Mat

Snuffle Matz: Settle By the Pool

Snuffle Matz: Settle at the Park

Snuffle Matz: Helping the Human Reactive Dog

Snuffle Matz: DRI – Rewarding an Alternate more Acceptable Behavior

Snuffle Matz: Prevent Barking at the Door

Snuffle Matz: Helping the Dog Reactive Dog (Part 1)

Snuffle Matz: Helping the Dog Reactive Dog (Part 2)

Snuffle Matz: Working Around Distractions (Part 1) Decreasing Distance

Snuffle Matz: Working Around Distractions (Part 2) Long Line

Snuffle Matz: Working Around Distractions (Part 3) Off Leash

Rehabilitation & Canine Conditioning

Snuffle Matz: Cavaletti’s – Over &  Under

Snuffle Matz: Balance Work

Snuffle Matz: Cavaletti Stride Training

Snuffle Matz: FitPaws Balance Work


Snuffle Matz: Cats – Mental Stimulation & Fun

Clicker Dog Training

Clicker Basics

Types of Clickers

Clicker Timing Games

The Gun Draw Clicker Timing Game

Treat Toss Game – Clicker/Food Delivery Accuracy

Be Unpredictable with your Rewards

Give your dog a Jackpot

Raising Criteria

Testing for understanding – The 10 Treat Game

Premack Principle

Using the Premack Principle to Proof Tricks/Behaviors

No Reward Markers – Why I don’t use them

Using a positive interrupter to:

  1. Get your dog off the couch…
  2. Prevent Barking by using the interrupter & removal technique
  3. To get attention and start training “coming when called”

Stop Jumping Up

Leave it

Leave it: Impulse Control Game

Coming when Called: Games

  1. Ping Pong
  2. Name Recognition
  3. Hide-N-Seek
  4. Quick Recalls you can practice anywhere
  5. Emergency Whistle Recall
  6. Head Spin Recall Game
  7. Positive Interrupter for Recalls

Let’s Go

Sit, Down, Stand, Bow: In one training session

Loose Leash Walking

Loose Leash Walking with Eye Contact and Focus

Dog Stops when You Stop (On Leash)

Dog Stops when You Stop (Off Leash)

Follow to Heel

Fading A Lure – Train a spin/twirl then fade the lure

Verbal & Visual Cue Test

Adding a Release Cue

Proofing Behaviors

Hand touches to train behaviors

Collar Grabs – In case of an emergency you might need to grab your dogs collar.

Getting Attention from your dog:

  1. Watch Me Game
  2. Watch Me Game: Exercises 2 – 5
  3. Eye Contact around toys/distractions
  4. Check In’s, plus a second video on Check In’s with Isabelle
  5. The Surprise Party Game  To get attention & HELPING the Reactive dog…

Crate Training:

Shaping a Dog to love his crate

Train your dog to STAY:

  1. Stay – Duration
  2. Stay – Distance
  3. Stay – Distractions
  4. Multiple Dogs: One Stays while the other one works

Train your dog to enjoy giving you “HUGS”: Great for safety and teaching your dog to come close to you.

Train your toy motivated dog to work for food

Train your food motivated dog to work for toys

Puppy Training

Bite Inhibition (no biting)

Shaping a Puppy to go in his crate for the first time.

Socialize your puppy to different surfaces

Prevent your puppy from becoming fearful of skateboards

Sit, Down, Stand: Puppy Training

Meeting People

  1. Train your puppy to meet people
  2. Outside on Walks
  3. Inside your home
  4. Playing with people or kids

Introduce your new puppy to current family dogs

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7 – From Episode 1 – Episode 7 it took about 4 hours total.

BATHTUB Training

Session 1Session 2Session 3Session 4 & 5Session 6

Behavior Modification & Management

Separation Anxiety – Mild Case

Barking at the Doorbell

Dog Reactivity: The Surprise Party Game



Dog Consent to Pet Test by Lisa Desatnik

Cone Desensitization

Settle on a Mat – puppy training

Settle on a Mat

Go to Mat

Sound Desensitization

Train your dog to like the Vacuum Cleaner

Dirty Laundry – Management

Chewing on Shoes – Management

Don’t Chase the Chickens (the same technique can be used to prevent a dog from chasing other small animals as well)

Nail Clipping using a toy reward

Train a dog to use a car ramp

Taking food Nicely (Zsianz1 – Sian Davies Video)

5 Exercises to help fix Food Aggression (ClickerPetsMore video)

Advanced Behaviors and Trick Training

Dog Sports: Desensitizing Dogs to People in the Ring during Competition

Back Stall Trick: Using a platform

Building Calmness around high level distractions

Building Calmness around another dog playing

Building Calmness around people holding toys

Building Calmness around people playing with toys (soccer ball)

Building Calmness around the family CAT

How to Train a Calm Chin Rest – For reactive of shy dogs…

Multiple dogs get treats for calmness

Barking in the crate:

Train your dog to be quiet in a crate while another dog is working.

Train your dog not to bark when in his crate in the car.

Barrier Training

  1. Door Dashing
  2. Barrier Training starting with the puppy play pen/crate
  3. Barrier Training at the gate outside
  4. Inside Outside Game – Build more value for being inside to prevent the dog from wanting to run outside every time the door opens.  Teaches dog to leave the room or house on cue.

Close Kitchen Drawers – You could transfer this same concept to closing a door.

Paw Targeting

Paw & Foot March in Front

Dog targets hand with head – To train dogs to like the top of their head pet.

Take a Bow

Blowing Bubbles – Shaping

Sit Pretty

Hold & Carry an Object

Heel Work Foundations

Drop the ball into your hand…

Retrieve (Fetch)

Retrieve (A variety of items)

Hind Paw Limp

Wide Circles going the same direction

Wide Circles: Handler and dog go in opposite directions

Wide Circles & Over the back

Figure 8 Leg Weave

Backward Figure 8

101 Ways to Leg Weave

Lateral Leg Weaves

Cane Tricks

Prop Tricks


Roll over

Roll up into a blanket

Backing Up

Backing up at a distance


Capturing Behaviors (TRICKS):

  1. Lip Lick (Yummy)
  2. Scratching (Do you have fleas?)
  3. Sneeze
  4. Moon Walk
  5. Down

Rebound off the chest

Rebound the opposite way

Put away your toys!

Jump into arms: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Say Your Prayers

Fun with Target Sticks

Cartwheel Trick

Side Stepping

  1. Using Stairs
  2. Using Going in Circles to train Side Stepping
  3. Behind Side Stepping

Walk Ahead Trick

Back Chaining

Get a Drink (Beer) Dog Trick: Back Chaining

Shaping a dog to put all 4 paws on a platform

Train your dog to jump rope (Donna Hill)

T-Position: For Canine Freestyle

Agility Videos

Rear Cross

Rear Cross w/ one jump

Rear Cross w/ two jumps

Deceleration & Reinforcement Zone

Obstacle Discrimination

Front Cross

Start Line Stay

Start Line Stay – Older Version with the same information

Line up without FORCE


Table training and troubleshooting

Agility Handling with Equipment – 1

Agility Handling with Equipment – 2

Teeter: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Bang Game: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Wobble Board Foundation Training

Wobble Board Puppy Training Part 1, Part 2

Get out


Agility Ladder for Rear End Awareness

Circle Work

Weave Challenges:

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2 – Recall through the weaves

Challenge 3 – Adding Distractions

Challenge 4 – Moving the jump around the ARC

Jump Patterns

Stretching Exercises for dogs

Stability Exercises for dogs

Building Speed

Mental Stimulation/Puzzles/Rainy Day Games

Nose Box Work

Find the Tennis Ball Game

101 Things to do with an Object

Find the Cookie Game – Cup Cake Tin

Give your dog a job & let them work for their food.

Mental Simulation to enrich your dogs life.

Treasure Hunting to prevent behavior problems

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Videos

Test #5 Walking in a Crowd

Test #8 Reaction to another dog

Cat Training Videos

Lead up behaviors for shake & wave


Sit Pretty

Target Stick training

Interactive Cat toy – Mental Stimulation

No More Door Dashing Cats

Product Reviews

The Pocket Disc – I sell these on my website!  Great Dog Toy!

The Super Shammy

Orijen Freeze Dried Raw Treats

Grandma Lucy’s Taste Test

Using Grandma Lucy’s Treats  as a reinforcer to train hand touches

Pawalla Box for dogs

Pawalla Box for cats

Stella & Chewy’s Treat Taste Test

Using Stella & Chewy’s with Platform Training

Using Stella & Chewy’s to Train FitPAWS Pods

Kona’s Chips to train the “Turn Away” trick

Kona’s Chips to train the “Yummy” Trick

Tropiclean Products Review

Evanger’s Treats Product Review & Box Nose Work Tutorial

Pets Love Toys – Product Review

Videos Worth Watching!

Pam’s Dog Academy goes to Canada to give a Canine Freestyle Seminar

What would you do if money was no object?

Dog Flash Mob, “Everybody Talks” by The Neon Trees Parody (Twix’s first paid gig 🙂

Twix’s Photo Shoot

Twix’s Agility Photos

Bandit’s Trick Dog Champion Title

Twix’s Trick Dog Champion Title

Isabelle’s Trick Dog Champion Title

There is always a reason dogs do what they do… (zurison channel)

The Importance of Choice in Animal Training (Peta Clarke channel)

Tips for Counter Conditioning (Kikopup – Emily Larlham)

Sheldon Shapes Penny – The Big Bang Theory

All Dog Lovers will understand! (Comedy Skit)

Best Motivational Video Ever!

Get Service (Must watch)

Dog Bite Prevention PSA – Dr. Sophia Yin

Emily & Pam’s Vancouver Island Freestyle Seminar

Classical Conditioning – Ivan Pavlov

Operant Conditioning

Jessica’s “Daily Affirmations”

“Dog” (It will make you think)

How HOT does it get in a parked car?

Ego vs. Safety – Dog Tricks Training (video by Emily Larlham, AKA Kikopup)

The proper use of a Choke Chain (video by Leonard Cecil)

Shock Collars – A “Nando Brown” Video

Rattle Bottle/ Cans in Dog Training – by Nando Brown

Proper use of food in dog training – by Nando Brown

How to Alpha Roll your dog – by Nando Brown

Training strong dominant breeds with a firm hand – by Nando Brown

How to fit & use choke chains in dog training – by Nando Brown

Veterinary Care:  Dr. Karen Becker

Skin Infections and your Dog

The Best and Worst Foods to Feed your Pet

Why Feed your Pets a Homemade Diet

The Supplement Most Needed by your Pet

Why Dogs Eat Grass?

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Diarrhea in Pets

How to Treat Dog Hot Spots

Tracheal Collapse in Dogs

The Quality of Pet Food Ingredients (Part 1 of 2)

The Quality of Pet Food Ingredients (Part 2 of 2)

Fish as a Protein Source in Pet Foods

Dr. Karen Becker Discusses Reverse Sneezing

A Safe and Natural Pest Repellant for Pets!

Animal Emergencies (Part 1 of 2)

Animal Emergencies (Part 2 of 2)

Beef and Bison Bites

Bath Tips and Rinses (Part 1/2)

Bath Tips and Rinses (Part 2/2)

Household Plants that are Toxic to Your Pet

Pet Diabetes Symptoms (Part 1 of 2)

Pet Diabetes Symptoms (Part 2 of 2)

Pets Urine PH and Bladder Health

Table Food and Your Pets

How to Detox Your Pets from Summer Chemicals

Pets Probiotics and Intestinal Health

The Truth about Pet Vaccines

Your Pets Gastrointestinal (GI) Track

Pet Environmental Allergies

Microchips in Your Pet

Healthy Exercise Tips fro your Dog

Healthy Cortisol Levels and Your Pet

Four Factors for a Healthy Frame

Bones for your Pup!

Your Pets Anal Glands

Examining Your Pet at Home

Dr. Becker Discusses Raw Food Diet (Part 1)

Dr. Becker Discusses Raw Food Diet (Part 2)

Dr. Becker Discusses Raw Food Diet (Part 3)

What to Expect at your Pet’s Nose? 

Dr. Becker: What is Perianal Fistula?

Dr. Becker: How to Treat Allergies in Your Pet

Safe Household Cleaners for Homes with Allergic Pets

Dog and Cat Owner’s Guide: Giardia

How to Handle the Problem of Doggy Diarrhea?

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Diarrhea in Pets

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in Pets

Reasons Cats Throw Up and Ways to Treat a Vomiting Cat

Coconut Oil in Your Pet’s Diet

Dr. Becker: Detoxification for your pets (Full Video)

Dr. Karen Becker Interviews Dr. Betsy Hershey (Dog that has Cancer – and Helps Her Live Longer Too)

The Truth about Spaying & Neutering by Dr. Karen Becker

How to Treat Allergies in Your Pet by Dr. Karen Becker

Your Pet’s Biologically Imperfect Food Can Lead to Struvite Stones by Dr. Karen Becker

Dr. Becker and Dr. Dodds Talk About Titers. by Dr. Karen Becker

Dr. Becker Talks About Your Dog’s Tongue

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