Feng Shui for Dogs


Feng Shui for Dogs

1. Do not place your dog’s bed under a window or in a corner where chi can stagnate.
There should not be any water elements in the room, since the sound of water can disturb your dog’s sleep.

2. Do not place the bed directly across from an open door or at the end of a long corridor where chi can travel too quickly.

3. There should not be any  heavy objects above or behind the bed, such as lighting, shelves, or cabinets.

4. Minimize mirrors, which could reflect light and movement and frighten your dog.
Avoid using bedding made of synthetic fabrics that distribute negative chi.

5. Place your dog’s bed against a solid wall away from any door that could swing open.

6. Consider placing the dog’s bed on the opposite side of the house from the active front door or garage, to prevent his being disturbed.

A lot of this seems like common sense.  I love that the focus seems to be on NOT disturbing or frightening the dog’s.

Feng Shui, literally means “air”, “wind”, and “water” and is the Chinese art by which through the precise placement of objects, one creates balance, health, wealth, and harmony.  The principles of feng shui teach you how to live harmoniously with your environment by recognizing that everything around you is alive, connected, and changing.

Chi, means “cosmic breath”, is the invisible energy that circulates as the source of prosperity, health, and harmony.  Through the principles of feng shui, you can optimize the flow and accumulation of chi energy in your dog’s life.  When the dog is indoors he will benefit from good chi in the home.

Most dogs spend a lot of their day sleeping and this will ensure his home environment has good chi and is peaceful and relaxing.

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