Emily and Pam’s Vancouver Island Canine Freestyle Seminar


Emily Larlham (youtube user: kikopup) and I (Pamela Johnson, youtube user: pamelamarxsen) gave a Canine Freestyle Seminar on Vancouver Island, Canada. It was a complete BLAST! We met such talented trainers and such amazing dogs. I was sad that I didn’t get footage of all the cool stuff some of the dogs could do, but I did get a bit of footage of a couple of things we were doing during the seminar. The floor was a little slippery!

Thanks to Kelly Grainger from http://www.crazydogfarm.com/ for organizing it all for us so well! It all went so smoothly and was such a pleasure to be there.

Pam and I got to meet a ton of youtube friends while we were in Canada as well!