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Congratulation to all title holders and thanks for those great videos!

Latest Titles:

New Brunswick, Canada

Amy Hunter & Roxanne (Puggle): Rookie & Novice Titles

Diane Adams & Bluebell (Chesapeake Bay Retriever): Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Master Titles

Kelly Sutton & Rustik (Corgi Mix): Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Titles

Kelly Sutton & Sonny (Nova Scotia Duck Toller): Rookie & Novice Titles

Suzanne Goyetche & Cache (Australian Shepherd): Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Master Titles

Allyson Mitton & Braya (Border Collie): Rookie, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Titles

Allyson Mitton & Shift (Border Collie): Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & MCFMC+5 Titles

Fennella Brewer & Seamus (Border Collie): Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Master Titles

Julie Lizotte & Pixie (Border Collie): Rookie & Novice Titles

Angela Crawford & Josee (Australian Shepherd): Rookie & Novice Titles

Michelle Boyer & Guinness (Greyhound): Rookie, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Titles

Dianne Mac Gillivray & Zubi (Shepherd Mix): Rookie & Novice Titles

Layla El Amin & Kip (Rat Terrier): Rookie. Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Titles

Shawn Emino-Mawhinney & Shyloe: Rookie, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Titles

Melissa & RIsk: Rookie, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Titles

Leslie & Brooklyn: Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, MCFMC+5 & MCFMC+10 Titles

Tina & Luka: Rookie & Novice Titles

Linda Saulnier & Shyee: Rookie & Novice Titles

Sara Sparks & Nellie: Rookie & Novice Titles

Megan Ashworth & Gus: Rookie & Novice Titles

Jeri Piercy & Rowdy: Rookie & Novice Titles

Melissa Murphy & Dino: Rookie & Novice Titles

Nicole Haueisen & Emily: Rookie & Novice Titles

Nicole Haueisen & Findus: Rookie & Novice Titles


Heather Schneider & Emma: Rookie & Novice Titles

Heather Schneider & Emma: Intermediate, Advanced & Masters

Heather Schneider & Gabby (8 Month Old Labrador): Rookie, Novice and Intermediate Titles

Maya Rego & Denver: Rookie Title


Linsey Moeskops & Kai: Rookie, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Master Titles

United Kingdom

Kathleen Tepperies & Brandy – Rookie & Novice

Kathleen Tepperies & Brandy – Intermediate, Advanced and Master

Joe Colling Nutkins & Cassie (You won’t believe that Cassie is 15 1/2) – Rookie Title



Mary Gilbreth & Chibi – Rookie, Novice & Intermediate

Mary Gilbret & Penelope – Rookie, Novice & Intermediate


Kelli-ann Reilly & Tag: Rookie & Novice Titles

Kelli-ann Reilly & Pompeii: Rookie & Novice Titles

Tryssa de Ruyter & Flash: Rookie Title

Terri Latronica & Cooper: Rookie & Novice Title

Terri Latronica & Tucker: Rookie & Novice Title

Terri Latronica & Roo: Rookie & Novice Title

Terri Latronica & Bree: Rookie & Novice Title

Naomi Marsh & Bashi: Rookie & Novice Title

New York

Rachel Lane & Dustin: Rookie


Donna Brittain & Angel – Rookie & Novice