Dog Training Game


Objective: Figure out the percentage at which the dog knows the behavior that you are testing.
Do the Math…
Treats left in the opposite hand once you are finished asking for a behavior 10 times.
0 = 100% Accuracy
1 = 90%
2 = 80%
3 = 70%
4 = 60%
5 = 50%
6 = 40%
7 = 30%
8 = 20%
9 = 10%
10 = 0%

IMO, if the dog is at 80% or better then I would say that the dog does know the behavior.

If the dog does know the behavior in an environment where there are very few if any distractions, then you can start testing the behavior in other environments. It is a great way to really see how well the dog knows a given behavior in a given place. If the dog does not know the behavior well at a more distracting place, you can simply get your clicker out and “retrain” that behavior at that place. In no time, your dog will be able to generalize the behavior to many places.

Also, think about where the dog is and what position he is in when you are testing the behavior. Maybe the dog is great at sitting from a stand, but when he is in a down he might not know “sit “(this reminded me of that t-shirt that says, Your dog don’t know sit.) LOL. 🙂 Be aware of these little things…

You do not need to do this for every behavior that your dog knows, but it is fun to take it on the road and see where your dog may need more training or to be able to pat yourself on the back for your dog knowing a behavior in any environment. 🙂

Now get out and train and play with your dog!

Until next time,
Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Twix