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Congratulation to all title holders and thank you for your great videos!

Latest Titles:



Tasha Miner – Zenzi (Border collie x Australian cattle dog) 5 1/2 months old: BB, BN, BI, and BEx

Tasha Miner – Takoda (Golden Retriever) BN, BI, BEx and BC


Heather Schneider & Gabby:  Burnout Novice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_neOcR_kTE8

Heather Schneider & Emma:  Disc Retrieval Mastery, Burn Out BEx Title and Disc Flare Champion DFC.

Heather Schneider & Emma for earning their Disc Dog Freestyle Beginner Title (DDFB)

Freestyle Disc Dog Level 1 – Leg one

Freestyle Disc Dog Level 1 – Leg two

Freestyle Disc Dog Level 1 – Leg three