Clicker Dog Training


Clicker Basics

Types of Clickers

Clicker Timing Games

The Gun Draw Clicker Timing Game

Be Unpredictable with your Rewards

Treats to use – (Kikopup – Emily Larlham video)

Raising Criteria

Premack Principle 

No Reward Markers – Why I don’t use them

Interrupt any behavior in a positive way (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

Using a positive interrupter to:

  1. Get your dog off the couch…
  2. Prevent Barking by using the interrupter & removal technique
  3. To get attention and start training “coming when called”

Stop Jumping Up

Leave it

Coming when Called: Games

  1. Ping Pong
  2. Name Recognition
  3. Hide-N-Seek
  4. Quick Recalls you can practice anywhere
  5. Emergency Whistle Recall

Let’s Go

Sit, Down, Stand & Bow: In one training session

Sit, Down, Stand – Puppy Training

Loose Leash Walking

How to stop leash Biting – (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

Fading A Lure – Train a spin/twirl then fade the lure

Adding A Verbal Cue – (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

Adding a Release Cue

Hand touches to train behaviors

Collar Grabs – In case of an emergency you might need to grab your dogs collar.

Getting Attention from your dog:

  1. Watch Me Game
  2. Eye Contact around toys/distractions
  3. Check In’s
  4. Surprise Party Game:  To get attention & HELPING the Reactive dog…

Crate Training:

Shaping a Dog to love his crate

Train your dog to STAY:

  1. Stay – Duration
  2. Stay – Distance
  3. Stay – Distractions

Train your dog to enjoy giving you “HUGS”: Great for safety and teaching your dog to come close to you.

Train your toy motivated dog to work for food

Train your food motivated dog to work for toys