Clicker Dog Training Videos


Clicker TrainingClicker training videos illustrating the true, reliable fun way to train your dog. This scientifically proven method is used at Sea World and in zoo’s and at around the World.

Clicker Basics

Types of Clickers

Clicker Timing Games

The Gun Draw Clicker Timing Game

Treat Toss Game – Clicker/Food Delivery Accuracy

Be Unpredictable with your Rewards

Give your dog a Jackpot

Treats to use – (Kikopup – Emily Larlham video)

Raising Criteria

Premack Principle

Using the Premack Principle to Proof Tricks/Behaviors

No Reward Markers – Why I don’t use them

Interrupt any behavior in a positive way (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

Using a Positive Interrupter to:

  1. Get your dog off the couch…
  2. Prevent Barking by using the interrupter & removal technique
  3. To get attention and start training “coming when called”

Stop Jumping Up

Leave it

Coming When Called: Games

  1. Ping Pong
  2. Name Recognition
  3. Hide-N-Seek
  4. Quick Recalls you can practice anywhere
  5. Emergency Whistle Recall
  6. Head Spin Recall Game
  7. Positive Interrupter for Recalls

Let’s Go

Sit, Down, Stand & Bow: In one training session

Loose Leash Walking

Dog Stops when You Stop (On Leash)

Dog Stops when You Stop (Off Leash)

Follow to Heel

How to stop leash Biting – (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

Fading A Lure – Train a spin/twirl then fade the lure

Adding A Verbal Cue – (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

Adding a Release Cue

Verbal & Visual Cue Test

Proofing Behaviors

Hand touches to train behaviors

Collar Grabs – In case of an emergency you might need to grab your dogs collar.

Getting Attention from Your Dog:

  1. Watch Me Game
  2. Watch Me Game: Exercises 2 – 5
  3. Eye Contact around toys/distractions
  4. Check In’s
  5. Surprise Party Game:  To get attention & HELPING the Reactive dog…

Crate Training:

Shaping a Dog to love his crate

Train Your Dog to STAY:

  1. Stay – Duration
  2. Stay – Distance
  3. Stay – Distractions
  4. Multiple Dogs: One Stays while the other one works

Train your dog to enjoy giving you “HUGS”: Great for safety and teaching your dog to come close to you.

Train your toy motivated dog to work for food

Train your food motivated dog to work for toys

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