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Training Rattlesnake Avoidance the Force Free Way!

Pam’s Dog Academy was invited to Pleasanton, CA by Dodger’s Paws owned by Christine Salazar to do a 2 day Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Seminar.

It was a wonderful weekend…  Dogs learned to focus and listen to their owners in addition to learning to avoid rattlesnakes through sight, scent, sound and movement.  With this training the sight, sound and or scent of the rattlesnake becomes the cue and the handler does not need to be present for the dog to understand to move away from the rattlesnake or any dangerous thing you would like your dog to avoid.

A few behaviors taught in my program:

Attention Games

Impulse Control Games

Body Blocking Trained as a Behavior and other Safety Games

Leash Walking Skills and Games

Stay Games

Using Tricks and Agility Behaviors to keep your dog safe or move to safety…

Using the old cue new cue method to teach dogs to move away from snakes…

Desensitizing dogs to avoid and ignore moving objects which could be used for any animal, skateboard, bike, car, etc…

Recall Games


In this seminar I teach attendees how to tell the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes, rattlesnake behavior, rattlesnake fencing, and more.

We had 12 dogs and all did an outstanding job.  The best part was that not one dog was punished and were praised/rewarded for making right choices.

It was simply an amazing weekend!

If you would like to learn how to train dogs to avoid rattlesnakes using force free methods, please contact Pamela Johnson at  I would be happy to do a seminar and or train your trainers.

Also, keep an eye out for my “Positive Rattlesnake Avoidance Training and Safety Program” DVD coming out through Tawzer Dog, soon.

Here is a link to a recorded webinar that Pamela Johnson did through the PPG (Pet Professional Guild) on Training Rattlesnake Avoidance the Force Free Way…

Pam’s Dog Academy was also quoted and mentioned in the Whole Dog Journal:

Here are just a few amazing shots of some of the dogs at the seminar.  They were all completely focused and awesome!

Have fun training your dog!

Pamela Johnson, B.S., M.A., CPDT-KA and owner of Pam’s Dog Academy

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A Rattlesnake Training & Safety Class

POSITIVE Training Methods ONLY!

Train your dog to be safe around rattlesnakes through the use of sight, sound & scent. Train impulse control, recalls, stay, leash walking and attention games for safety around snakes. Build a close working relationship with your dog for snake awareness, as a lead up to dog sports and to have fun with your dog.

Learn about snake behavior, safety, first aid and prevention. Learn how to create a safe snake free backyard.

Dates: July 12, 19, 26 & August 2

Classes are limited to 5 working spots. If you would like to learn about snake safety but don’t want to bring a dog, that is fine, too. Auditing spots are limited to 5.

Working Spots $150 for 4 weeks
Auditing Spots $100 for 4 weeks

What you will need:
Harness & regular buckle or safety snap collar for your dog
Crate for when your dog is resting and not working.
Dog Water
Dog Treats (High value: Real meat/cheese)
Chair for your comfort
Comfortable shoes with toes (NO SANDALS)
Mat for your dog to settle and relax on
Note pad & pen or pencil (However, I will email you a PDF with the basics of what we cover in class.)
A copy of your dogs shot records or titers
Signed waiver/registration form (will be completed the first class)

If interested, please email Pam at

Rattlesnake Flyer