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Surprise Party Game


This is an old video that I had to delete because it was not working and was not able to be viewed. I am bummed to delete it as it had almost 30,000 views. 🙁 However, now you will be able to see it. 🙂

I am very good at responding to questions and would love to help you train your dog in any way that I can.

I offer online classes in Clicker Training Basics, Canine Freestyle, Loose Leash Walking Exercises, Rock Solid Stay, One on One Coaching and Play-N-Train Recalls.

Have a great day with your dog, today and everyday!
Pam, Isabelle, Bandit and Twix

Dog Stops When You Stop (Off Leash)


This is the same exercise as “Dog Stops When You Stop” except this time you are playing it off leash. Make sure you are in a safe secured environment when practicing off leash behaviors. It is always better to be SAFE and keep your dog SAFE!

This exercise is in my Loose Leash Walking Online Class. My online classes are great for pet dog owners as well as trainers that might want to add a new game into their group classes or to use with a private client.

To find out more information about my online classes go to my Online Classes Link on my website.

Follow To Heel


This is a game that I play to teach my dogs to find the heel position as well as to move with me when I move. It is very simple… However, if you are playing this off leash, PLEASE make sure to work in a SAFE non-distracting environment at first. Even once the dog KNOWS the behavior of being at your side, if in an unsecured environment make sure to have your dog on leash. THINK Safety first! No dog is perfect and when in an unsecured environment there is a risk that something could go wrong. Please, don’t take that risk.