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Snuffle Matz: prevent barking at the door


Snuffle Matz: Prevent Barking at the Door

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Our Matz are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer.

To purchase a Snuffle Mat go to Pam’s Dog Academy’s Website: Pam’s Dog Academy

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Positive Rattlesnake Avoidance (4 Hour Workshop)


Positive Rattlesnake Avoidance Workshop

Fee: $100 per dog

Dates: March 11th – Sign up here

Date: March 12th – Sign up here

Time: 9am – 1pm

Location: Jamul (Address upon payment)

Learn how and teach your dog to avoid rattlesnakes with positive humane training methods using sight, scent, sound and movement.

  • Don’t wait until “Rattlesnake season” to teach your dog to avoid snakes! Learn how to practice all year.
  • Your dog should have a basic recall to come to this workshop.
  • You don’t have to resort to aversive “Shock Collar” training methods to keep your dogs safe!
  • Learn how to practice Pam’s methods anywhere at anytime to ensure your dog is able to avoid snakes.
  • Pam’s methods can be transferred to avoiding skunks, raccoons, or anything you would want your dog to ignore.
  • If your dog is just an “Outdoor” dog, this program might not be the right fit for you.  This is a training program and will require you to work with and train your dog.

Pamela Johnson educates dog trainers all over the world, speaks at conferences and gives seminars in the US and Canada. Pamela has professional dog training DVDs and has won many dog training awards.


Disaster Preparedness Drills and Safety Plan


Disaster Preparedness Drills and Safety Plan


To purchase this DVD for $39.95 go to

In this DVD you will find an all inclusive plan to keep your dog safe if faced with a disaster or emergency.

You will learn how to train dogs to do a variety of important life saving behaviors that all dogs should know and practice (Stay, Come when called, Leash Walking, Impulse Control and more) as well as safety behaviors (wearing a muzzle, cone of shame, taking medications and so much more).

Pamela will take you through a variety of ways to condition your dog to accept wearing a cone and a muzzle, enjoy being handled and even massaged. She explains why it is important to train dogs to enjoy these things and not wait until an emergency happens when the dog is scared and worried because all of a sudden he has to wear a muzzle or a cone.

Do you or your clients have a difficult time getting dogs to take medication? This DVD will go over a few non-traditional ways on how to get your dog to take and enjoy taking his medication, without any struggle. Finally giving your dog medication will be easy and stress free for you and your dog.

Does your dog hate to have his nails trimmed? Are you worried that you will clip them too short and cause your dog pain? Pamela goes over a few ways to clip/file your dogs nails and how to find a method that works for you.

You will also learn what you will need if an emergency or disaster strikes, such as first aid kits and what to put in them, handouts that could help you relocate your dog if he were to go missing and other valuable ideas on how to be prepared for anything. Accidents, emergencies and disasters happen when you least expect it. Are you prepared? Do you know what you would do? Do you have a plan?

This DVD will help you get your dog and your family prepared with plan and know what to do when faced with an emergency, disaster or accident.