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Performance Puppy Tips


  Welcome to Performance Puppy Tips!

This is a performance puppy tips program and all content will be posted in a closed Facebook group.  The content of this group will only be for members.  Members will see video, be a part of discussions, learn training concepts, see my puppy plan photos and pictures of my new puppy as she grows up. NEW PUPIf you would like to learn more about clicker training, have fun, learn important behaviors/things to train puppies (or dogs if you don’t have a puppy), then this program is for you.

To become a member of this group, please send me a direct payment through PayPal using my email address ( to purchase a membership.  Once you purchase a membership, you will be able to send a request to join this Facebook page and I will add you as a member.

$25 for each 8 week part
Sign up for one part at a time or all five parts for $100 and save $25.

Performance Puppy Tips: Part 1 (8 Weeks)

Performance Puppy Tips: Part 2 (8 Weeks)

Performance Puppy Tips: Part 3 (8 Weeks)

Performance Puppy Tips: Part 4 (8 Weeks)

Performance Puppy Tips: Part 5 (8 Weeks)

In this group, I will share puppy performance training tips (videos, concepts, discussions, photos of my puppy plans and photos of my puppy) as I work with my new puppy. When something important comes up and I feel that others should know about it, then I will share the tip here on this page only.

The tips in this program will be specific for puppies. However, all of my training methods, games and training in general can be used with a puppy or dog.

Anyone building a working relationship with their dog for a specific dog sport will benefit from being a part of this group. I am calling it “Performance Puppy Tips”, because you will see me work with my new puppy as well as discuss important topics that come up as I train/work with my puppy.  You will also see how I work with and incorporate my other dogs into the training process along side my new puppy.

Members will be able to ask me questions and engage in discussions that pertain to specific posts. However, I will not answer training questions! If you have a training questions/issue and would like help solving it, I offer “One on One Online Training Classes”.  2 weeks for $40 and I will help you with your training needs through video and written plans. Pam’s Dog Academy also offers Online Classes:  Clicker Training Basics, Loose Leash Walking, Rock Solid Stay, Play-N-Train Recalls and Insider Secrets to Canine Freestyle. If you are a CPDT, you can earn CEU’s when you take my online classes.

This group is for ANYONE: Trainers, pet dog owners, those preparing for competition and those that just want to have fun and build a better relationship with their dog!

If your goal is to compete or simply just to have fun with your dog, the most important thing you can do is build a strong positive relationship with your dog.  A relationship that is built on trust and cooperation.  Once you have a great working partner/relationship with your dog, the sky is the limit as to what you both can accomplish.

I look forward to sharing my insight and ultimately helping you train your performance puppy or dog through throughout this program.

A few categories that I will be working on with my puppy:
Focus Building
Learning Methods
Trick/Behaviors Training
Sport Foundation Training
Safety Behaviors
Recall Games
Building Calmness
Proofing Behaviors

All training methods are force free, positive and without punishment/intimidation!

Welcome to Performance Puppy Tips!
Pamela, Isabelle, Bandit, Twix and my new puppy (that does not have a name yet)

Canine Freestyle Titling Opportunities…


Canine Freestyle Titles:  Pam’s Dog Academy

Titles will be awarded to dogs after completion of three legs in each level of a particular division. Each participant must start in level 1, even if the team can already perform at level 4. Multiple video routines can be entered at the same time in order to earn a title faster. However, they must be videos that were filmed at different times or on different days.  When submitting multiple videos to earn titles faster, each video will need an entry form as well as a entry fee.

To enter & submit video titles go to  Click on the title you are interested in and you will find all the rules and entry forms.  We look forward to watching you and your dog perform.

Musical Canine Freestyle Division

Level 1: RF – Rookie Freestyler Level 2: NF- Novice Freestyler Level 3: AF- Advanced Freestyler Level 4: ExF- Excellent Freestyler

Junior Musical Canine Freestyle Division

Level 1: RFJ- Rookie Freestyler Junior Level 2: NFJ- Novice Freestyler Junior Level 3: AFJ- Advanced Freestyler Junior Level 4: ExFJ- Excellent Freestyler Junior

Props Division

Level 1: RFP- Rookie Freestyler Props Level 2: NFP- Novice Freestyler Props Level 3: AFP- Advanced Freestyler Props Level 4: ExFP- Excellent Freestyler Props

Junior Props Division

Level 1: RFPJ –Rookie Freestyler Props Jr. Level 2: NFPJ – Nov. Freestyler Props Jr. Level 3: AFPJ – Adv. Freestyler Props Jr. Level 4: ExFPJ – Excellent Freestyler Props Jr.

Heel Work to Music (No Props)

Level 1: RHT – Rookie HTM team Level 2: NHT- Novice HTM team Level 3: AHT- Advanced HTM team Level 4: ExHT- Excellent HTM team

Junior Heel Work to Music (No Props)

Level 1: RHTJ – Rookie HTM team Level 2: NHTJ- Novice HTM team Level 3: AHTJ- Advanced HTM team Level 4: ExHTJ- Excellent HTM team

Musical Canine Freestyle (Double Dog – DD) Division
Level 1: RFDD – Rookie Freestyle DD Level 2: NFDD- Novice Freestyle DD Level 3: AFDD- Advanced Freestyle DD Level 4: ExFDD- Excellent Freestyle DD

Junior Musical Canine Freestyle (Double Dog – DD) Division
Level 1: RFDDJ – Rookie Freestyle DD Level 2: NFDDJ- Novice Freestyle DD Level 3: AFDDJ- Advanced Freestyle DD Level 4: ExFDDJ- Excellent Freestyle DD

Grass Field of Dreams!


Pamela Johnson owner of Pam’s Dog Academy is a dog trainer and educator with a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and a M.A in Education Curriculum Development. As a full time middle school PE teacher, Pamela feels that many of the skills she uses to teach children transfer nicely to training dogs.

Her passion is using FORCE FREE training methods for behavior modification, as well as training complex behaviors and tricks.

She thrives on the challenge of coming up with creative new ways to train dogs.

Pamela believes that every dog she works with teaches her more about training, patience and, most importantly, to be a better person.

Pamela traveled to Vancouver with Emily Larlham to team-teach a Canine Freestyle seminar, and has taught multiple dog training seminars in North America.

She is known around the world for her training videos on her Youtube channel “pamelamarxsen.” Here she posts free tutorial videos in order that more people may discover the magic of progressive reinforcement training!

Her business Pam’s Dog Training Academy is based in San Diego, California. She is a CPDT-KA, a professional member of the APDT as well as the PPG.
What We Need & What You Get

Pam’s Dog Academy has a new training facility that is in need of a grass field. We currently have a horse riding arena that is dirt and will be the perfect place to host seminars, have group classes and dog sports camps. However, it is not going to be cheap.

We will need $6000 for sprinkler systems, drainage and grass.
I am offering many perks to reward you for your generous donation to this project! ebooks, DVDs, Online Classes and One on One Coaching.
If we are not able to raise the entire $6000, we plan on saving the money and putting it in a special account that will be specifically for the grass field. If enough is raised for us to get the project started, we will proceed in phases.
If you would like something other than the perk offered, please feel free to email me and I will see what I can do.
The Impact

This project will not only impact those that are able to travel to group/private classes, dog camp or seminars, but I will be able to produce an unlimited amount of FREE YouTube “How to” Clicker Dog Training videos. These videos will range from dog sports, tricks, behavior modification and so much more.

You can view some of my YouTube videos at
Pam has been helping people train their dogs with FREE advice through email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and over the telephone. This will not stop because Pam believes in helping as many dogs and their humans as possible.
Other Ways You Can Help

Pam’s Dog Academy understands that times can be tough and not everyone will able to donate to this project. If this is the case, we 100% understand! If you are not able to contribute financially, we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word by sharing information about this project to those that might be able to help and support us financially.

Please feel free to share through social media, email and through word of mouth.
Indiegogo also has many share tools!