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Canine Freestyle/Trick Seminar Fundraiser…

Fundraising for my Twix as he recovers from herniated disc surgery…

I will be giving a canine freestyle/trick seminar November 19th & 20th. All proceeds will be to fund all of Twix’s vet bills and rehabilitation. I also sell DVDs and Snuffle Matz on my website. Every penny will go towards Twix’s recovery!

Canine freestyle is a great sport for agility dogs (retired or still competing in agility), reactive dogs, shy dogs and can be practiced without buying any expensive equipment. You do not need to be a dancer to do canine freestyle. Canine freestyle transfers nicely to disc freestyle and is a great way to build an extremely close bond with your dog. You can use tricks and behaviors your dog loves and is good at… Oh and did I mention it is FUN!!!

Can’t do both days? No Problem! Contact Pam and get set up with one day, 1/2 a day or just an hour!

Can’t make it? Please continue to pray and send Twix all your positive energy/vibes!  If you would like to make a contribution to Twix’s Go Fund Me Campaign, you can click on the following link.

Thank you!
Pam & Twix

November 19th & 20th, 2016

8:00 am-3:00 pm

Sign up here:

2 day – Working spot $300 Limit 8

1 day – Working Spot $150

2 day – Auditing spot $200 Limit 7

1 day – Auditing Spot $100

Pamela Johnson’s Bio

Location:  3610 Wisecarver Lane Jamul, CA 91935

Bring : Lunch, drinks, a chair, sunscreen and signed waiver.

We will provide: snacks, drinks, training props, etc.

If you will have a dog, bring: High Value Treats, water, crate, toys (if your dog is toy motivated) and anything else you or your dog may need.

Contact Pamela Johnson for Information:

Phone number: (619) 888-3139


Waiver for Group/Seminar/Private Training – Fill out, sign and bring with you the day of the seminar.


Clicker Basics (short refresher/intro to marker training)

Shaping, Capturing, Luring, Targeting and Backwards Luring

Using reinforcement effectively & using intrinsic motivation to build behaviors/routines

Getting and keeping your dogs attention

Using play to train tricks (building toy & food motivation, too)

Trick Foundations (positions for freestyle, paw tricks, acrobatic tricks, jumping tricks, crowd pleasing/FUN tricks and playing with props)

Increasing criteria & testing behaviors

Verbal/Visual cues

Transitions (flow, direction/speed/side changes)

Pattern/Shape work

Building a routine (We will build a few 5 behavior/trick back chains)

Safety for freestyle & dog sports



Disaster Preparedness Drills and Safety Plan

Disaster Preparedness Drills and Safety Plan


To purchase this DVD for $39.95 go to

In this DVD you will find an all inclusive plan to keep your dog safe if faced with a disaster or emergency.

You will learn how to train dogs to do a variety of important life saving behaviors that all dogs should know and practice (Stay, Come when called, Leash Walking, Impulse Control and more) as well as safety behaviors (wearing a muzzle, cone of shame, taking medications and so much more).

Pamela will take you through a variety of ways to condition your dog to accept wearing a cone and a muzzle, enjoy being handled and even massaged. She explains why it is important to train dogs to enjoy these things and not wait until an emergency happens when the dog is scared and worried because all of a sudden he has to wear a muzzle or a cone.

Do you or your clients have a difficult time getting dogs to take medication? This DVD will go over a few non-traditional ways on how to get your dog to take and enjoy taking his medication, without any struggle. Finally giving your dog medication will be easy and stress free for you and your dog.

Does your dog hate to have his nails trimmed? Are you worried that you will clip them too short and cause your dog pain? Pamela goes over a few ways to clip/file your dogs nails and how to find a method that works for you.

You will also learn what you will need if an emergency or disaster strikes, such as first aid kits and what to put in them, handouts that could help you relocate your dog if he were to go missing and other valuable ideas on how to be prepared for anything. Accidents, emergencies and disasters happen when you least expect it. Are you prepared? Do you know what you would do? Do you have a plan?

This DVD will help you get your dog and your family prepared with plan and know what to do when faced with an emergency, disaster or accident.

Using Back Chaining to Train Tricks, Dog Sports and Real World Behaviors

Using Back Chaining to Train Tricks, Dog Sports and Real World Behaviors



You will be able to purchase this DVD from Pam’s website at  $39.95

This DVD goes over the in’s and out’s of training back chains and discusses a few non- traditional back chaining concepts. You will learn what back chains are and why you should use back chaining.

If you have tried to learn how to back chain in the past, but felt it was too confusing, then you will love this DVD. The goal is to teach you how to train using back chains in a simple understandable way. If you have been training back chains for years and would like a new perspective with new ideas on how to train back chains then this DVD would benefit you as well.

You will learn important concepts such as: Verbal/Visual Cues, Stimulus Control, Variable Reinforcement Schedules, Rewarding in Position, Repetition, Adding Criteria, Fluency, Premack Principle, Anticipation, Using Extra Cues, Fading Cues, Proofing, Systematic Learning and Conditioned Reinforcers. Knowing and understanding these concepts will help you be successful when training and building back chains.

The behaviors taught in this DVD range from tricks (clean up your toys, go to the crate and close the crate door, and much more), dog sports (canine freestyle routines, disc dogging routines, flyball, agility contacts, weave poles, rally and more), to real world behaviors (no jumping on people, going inside the house, getting in the car, etc) with step by step instruction on the process to back chaining each one. You will find training back chains to be easy and fun with Pamela Johnson’s DVD.