Behavior Modification & Management


Separation Anxiety – Mild Case

Dog Reactivity: The Surprise Party Game

Counter Surfing by Emily Larlham (Kikopup)

Barking at the Doorbell



Handling Exercises for shy dogs – (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

Dog Consent to Pet Test by Lisa Desatnik

Cone Desensitization

Settle on a Mat – puppy training

Settle on a Mat

Go to Mat

Sound Desensitization – This technique can be used for any noise that your dog is fearful of or worried about.

Train your dog to like the Vacuum Cleaner – This technique can be used for anything that the dog finds scary.

Dirty Laundry – Management

Chewing on Shoes – Management

Don’t Chase the Chickens (the same technique can be used to prevent a dog from chasing other small animals as well)

Nail Clipping using a toy reward

Train a dog to use a car ramp

Taking food Nicely (Zsianz1 – Sian Davies Video)

You Can’t Reinforce Fear (Kikopup – Emily Larlham Video)

5 Exercises to help fix Food Aggression (ClickerPetsMore video)

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