Agility Videos


Dog Agility Videos

A list of agility training videos to help develop responsiveness, attentiveness, vitality, and manners with your dogs. Agility training also helps promotes confidence and prevents undesirable behaviors.

Rear Cross

Rear Cross w/ one jump

Rear Cross w/ two jumps

Deceleration & Reinforcement Zone

Obstacle Discrimination

Front Cross

Start Line Stay

Start Line Stay – Older Version with the same information

Line up without FORCE

More Canine Agility Videos


Table training and troubleshooting

Agility Handling with Equipment – 1

Agility Handling with Equipment – 2

Teeter: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Bang Game: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Wobble Board Foundation Training

Wobble Board Puppy Training Part 1, Part 2

Get out

Go on

Agility Ladder for Rear End Awareness

Circle Work

Weave Challenges:

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2 – Recall through the weaves

Challenge 3 – Adding Distractions

Challenge 4 – Moving the jump around the ARC

Jump Patterns

Even more Dog Agility Videos

Stretching Exercises for dogs

Stability Exercises for dogs

Building Speed

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