Advanced Behaviors and Trick Training


Advanced Behaviors and Trick Training

Puppy Advanced Behaviors: Training for Performance

Building Calmness around high level distractions

Building Calmness around another dog playing

Building Calmness around people holding toys

Building Calmness around people playing with toys (soccer ball)

Building Calmness around the family CAT

How to Train a Calm Chin Rest – For reactive of shy dogs…

Multiple dogs get treats for calmness

Barking in the crate:

Train your dog to be quiet in a crate while another dog is working.

Train your dog not to bark when in his crate in the car.

Barrier Training

  1. Door Dashing
  2. Barrier Training starting with the puppy play pen/crate
  3. Barrier Training at the gate outside
  4. Inside Outside Game – Build more value for being inside to prevent the dog from wanting to run outside every time the door opens.  Teaches dog to leave the room or house on cue.

Close Kitchen Drawers – You could transfer this same concept to closing a door.

Paw Targeting

Paw & Foot March in Front

Back Stall Trick: Using a platform

Dog targets hand with head – To train dogs to like the top of their head pet.

Take a Bow

Blowing Bubbles – Shaping

Sit Pretty

Hold & Carry an Object

Heel Work Foundations

Drop the ball into your hand…

Retrieve (Fetch)

Retrieve (A variety of items)

Hind Paw Limp

Wide Circles going the same direction

Wide Circles: Handler and dog go in opposite directions

Wide Circles & Over the back

Figure 8 Leg Weave

Backward Figure 8

101 Ways to Leg Weave

Lateral Leg Weaves

Cane Tricks

Prop Tricks


Roll over

Roll up into a blanket: Back Chaining

Back Chaining

Get a Drink (Beer) Dog Trick: Back Chaining

Backing Up

Backing up at a distance


Capturing Behaviors for Trick Training

  1. Lip Lick (Yummy)
  2. Scratching (Do you have fleas?)
  3. Sneeze
  4. Moon Walk
  5. Down

Rebound off the chest

Rebound the opposite way

Put away your toys!: Back Chaining

Jump into arms: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Say Your Prayers

Fun with Target Sticks

Cartwheel Trick

Advanced Side Stepping

  1. Using Stairs
  2. Using Going in Circles to train Side Stepping
  3. Behind Side Stepping

Walk Ahead Trick

Train your dog to jump rope (Donna Hill)

T-Position: For Canine Freestyle

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