A Rattlesnake Training & Safety Class


POSITIVE Training Methods ONLY!

Train your dog to be safe around rattlesnakes through the use of sight, sound & scent. Train impulse control, recalls, stay, leash walking and attention games for safety around snakes. Build a close working relationship with your dog for snake awareness, as a lead up to dog sports and to have fun with your dog.

Learn about snake behavior, safety, first aid and prevention. Learn how to create a safe snake free backyard.

Dates: July 12, 19, 26 & August 2

Classes are limited to 5 working spots. If you would like to learn about snake safety but don’t want to bring a dog, that is fine, too. Auditing spots are limited to 5.

Working Spots $150 for 4 weeks
Auditing Spots $100 for 4 weeks

What you will need:
Harness & regular buckle or safety snap collar for your dog
Crate for when your dog is resting and not working.
Dog Water
Dog Treats (High value: Real meat/cheese)
Chair for your comfort
Comfortable shoes with toes (NO SANDALS)
Mat for your dog to settle and relax on
Note pad & pen or pencil (However, I will email you a PDF with the basics of what we cover in class.)
A copy of your dogs shot records or titers
Signed waiver/registration form (will be completed the first class)

If interested, please email Pam at pamsdogacademy@gmail.com

Rattlesnake Flyer