Homemade Dog Food Using Thrive Life Products…


Homemade Dog Food Using Thrive Life Products…

I have recently started selling Thrive Life products.  I started selling these products because I use their freeze dried meat and cheese as dog training treats.  I figured since I use the product, why not buy it from myself.


The Thrive Life foods are simply amazing.  The food tastes great, easy to use, and healthy!  They also last longer and therefore I don’t have to worry about them going bad in my refrigerator.

I have been making my own dog food with my Thrive Life foods.  Here is one of my homemade dog food combinations.  I also substitute the turkey with chicken or beef to change things up a little.

To ensure my dogs are getting everything they need in their diet, I add powdered calcium, probiotic, multi-vitamin, and a joint supplement.

Check out my Thrive Life page and try the freeze dried meat and cheese with your dog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: pamsdogacademy@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day!

Pamela Johnson

Using Snuffle Matz


SNUFFLE MATZ by Pam’s Dog Academy

Our Snuffle Mat is the BEST because: 

They are Machine WASHABLE!

Dryer SAFE!


A Mentally Stimulating Puzzle Game/Toy & TRAINING TOOL for dogs and cats…

Dogs love to sniff, search and find their food and treats. This engages their mind, which encourages natural foraging skills and instincts.

Snuffle Mats can be used in many different ways!

Mental Stimulation – which encourages the dog or cat to use their nose and satisfies their instinct to search for food.

Dog Training Tool – Agility training, recall training, obedience training, trick and canine freestyle training, manners, behavior issues or behavior problems.

Slow Down the Chow Hound – If you have a dog that eats their dinner too fast, which is harmful for their digestion system. You can put your dogs dinner in the Snuffle Mat. Since the food is scattered in the mat, it takes your dog longer to find his/her food.

Calm your dog – If your dog is over aroused or excited in certain situations, you can use the mat to allow your dog to sniff and search for treats or food. Sniffing has a calming effect on dogs and reduces anxiety. Snuffle Mats can help with reactivity and behavior problems by getting dogs to sniff and calm themselves in the process.

Give your dog a job – Snuffle Mats give your dog a job and this will help burn some excess physical energy. While the dog is sniffing out food, the dog is not busy doing inappropriate behaviors.

For your cat – you can sprinkle dry food or treats on the mat or you can spray or use dry catnip on the mat. Cats love rubbing on the mat as well as eating the treats/food from the mat.

Snuffle Matz are fun!

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Supervise your dog when using the snuffle mat. If left out with your dog, your dog could tear up and eat the fabric on the mat, which could be very harmful or even fatal for your dog.

Snuffle Mat Training: Reactive Dogs (Part 1)


Snuffle Mat Training: Reactive Dogs (Part 1)

Snuffle Mat Training Made Easy!

To purchase a Snuffle Mat go to Pam’s Dog Academy’s Website: Pam’s Dog Academy and start your snuffle mat training today.

Machine washable and dryer safe.

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