5 Easy Morkie Haircuts

Aren’t morkie hairstyles just the cutest? While groomers are skilled at their jobs and can make your morkie look even more adorable than he or she already does, you may prefer to save the money or to face this new and artistic challenge on your own. You’re in luck because we’ve got five different morkie… Continue reading 5 Easy Morkie Haircuts

All About The Labrastaff Dog

Beautiful shiny black Labrador Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed dog with sad eyes

What Is a Labrastaff Dog? A perfect blend of the faithful labrador retriever and the loving Staffordshire bull terrier, these dogs are also sometimes affectionately called “staffy labs” and “staffadors.” Their alertness makes them great watchdogs while their love of their pack members makes them affectionate family dogs. Are you considering a labrastaff for your… Continue reading All About The Labrastaff Dog

All About Boxweiler Dogs

What Is a Boxweiler Dog? Energetic, intelligent, and faithful, the boxweiler mix breed is a cheerful combination of its purebred predecessors, the boxer and the rottweiler. While the media may have played up some aggressive tendencies in these two breeds, that’s not the whole story. Boxweiler dogs make great family dogs under the right conditions,… Continue reading All About Boxweiler Dogs

How to Groom a Morkie

A true red carpet dog, the morkie and its long, silky coat can really wow onlookers. But a coat that fancy means some daily and weekly maintenance is required. Read on for the complete scoop on keeping your morkie shiny, clean, and tangle-free along with the best practices on how to groom a morkie. Daily… Continue reading How to Groom a Morkie

Morkie Temperament: What To Expect and How to Live With a Morkie

The Morkie dog is a mixed breed that combines the two pure breeds of the Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers. They are small-sized dogs that can be a lot of fun, but the Morkie temperament is renowned. Like any domesticated animal, the Morkie and their Morkie temperament can be tamed and loved. You just need to… Continue reading Morkie Temperament: What To Expect and How to Live With a Morkie

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